keys, James - frontman, vox

Come out this Friday!


Free Event... All Ages... Starting at 8pm...

Performing Live:


Rites of Ash


DJ Vikki Wilson (DOOMgloom, Norfolk)

DJ Rift (The Dawning, Charlottesville)

DJ Froelke (Richmond)

Costumes are welcome and encouraged!

BYOB if 21+ only. If you're under 21, then please do not drink at this event.


Never been to Strangeland before? Click HERE for directions to the shop.

Hope to see you there!
Yveline - guitar

Recent Reviews & Updates:

If Interrogation hasn't become the "next big thing" to hit the upcoming generation of the goth-industrial faction, it is only a matter of under-exposure. One could surely draw parallels to Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and the like, but such references fall just short of the fresh energy this group brings to their sound. Frontman and initiator, James Olyen, has grouped himself with the prowess of like-minded artists, Yveline and Twig, to create a powerhouse of Catharsis; and fortunately for us, the audience, they appear to be losing no steam. Tracks most likely to stick in your head include “Greed” and “Quite the Same.”

-Gothic Beauty Magazine

At about 2:00 in the afternoon the main/back room came alive with the first band of the day. Originally hailing from the suburbs of the Washington DC area, Interrogation relocated to the New Haven, CT area after completion of their debut release “Queen of Thorns.” Interrogation brought the developing crowd alive with some in your face hard hitting gothic laced with industrial rock that had intensity and cleverness. This band had a very powerful and tight performance. Frontman James Oylen’s vocals cut through the potent material and reached out to grab your soul. Everything was well structured and performed but I really enjoyed the outstanding performance of the band’s guitarist Yveline; her stage presence and musicianship was top notch and she really got into her work and making the crowd take notice of the band’s combined efforts. A great show for sure!

-Bob Donovan, Carpe Nocturne Magazine, covering BSFII
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We also would like to send out a huuuge thank you to the professional and awesome crew from Poughkeepsie Live, where we performed on television last Thursday. You guys really did a great job with everything; impeccable lighting, sound, camera work, (and we all know James especially loved the fog). Okay, I liked the fog too.
Hopefully we will have video uploaded within the next couple weeks. Check back!

And don't forget DC/MD/VA! Get dressed up and come out this week:

Interrogation Press Kit Photo 1

VOTE for Interrogation's Peter Gabriel Remix!

Now through October 4th, click here to the RealWorldRemixed website to listen to Interrogation's exclusive remix of Peter Gabriel's "Shock The Monkey."

Everyone is encouraged to sign up and add us to their top ten list; (no worries, no spam if you join). Rating by 'stars' has no direct effect on the outcome of the competition!
We put our hearts into this and we really appreciate your help!

...(reposting this is also very welcome)...

-James, Yveline & twig (v).
keys, James - frontman, vox

Subculture Shock Fundraiser!

The Subculture Shock Fall Fundraiser is THIS SUNDAY, October 1st at 10pm EST. Besides keeping this completely volunteer show on the air, you can recieve currently unreleased music from Interrogation and Yveline plus premiums from Attrition, Bella Morte, Dancing Ferret Discs, and so much more! Do your part to help keep Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, and more on the radio by listening to the live audio-stream and calling in at TOLL FREE 1 877 967 6762 to pledge your support. Let the world know just what you want to hear!
keys, James - frontman, vox

Subculture Shock & Show.

Interrogation will be playing at Strangeland Records, Annandale VA, on Friday, Oct 27th for their special Halloween bash. First show in the area in quite a while! It's free, it's all ages, and it's on a Friday. So no excuses :)

A new Interrogation track will be airing on Subculture Shock 91.9 FM this coming Sunday, so be sure to tune in. Subculture Shock airs every Sunday night from 10 PM - Midnight.
Yveline - guitar

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More pictures from Blacksun are now up in our Live Photos Gallery, courtesy of Seth Schwartz.

Bumper stickers are also now available in the Merch area; Sold in sets of 3 for $1.00 (or complimentary with a t-shirt or CD purchase)

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Strangeland Records store in Annandale, VA (or online at, do it now. We love these guys, and Queen Of Thorns with its new artwork is now in stock, along with a jillion other titles you won't find at Tower. Badass.

Yveline - guitar

Blacksun Festival II - Memories

It was one hell of a good time.
First, a big fucking thank you to Jonathan, Renee, Seth, and the rest of the crew/staff/stage management team for putting together the event. You rock harder than we probably ever will.
Second, thanks to all the other bands, DJs, & performers, and to everyone who came out and enjoyed our set. We all enjoyed ourselves, and were thrilled to get to play you our new single "Bad Gravity" live for the first time.

We've all taken so many good memories home with us. (Like walking through a crowd of Baptists on the New Haven Green wearing a 2" strip of patent for a shirt.)

Collapse )

We hope to have more images, video clips, and stories to share soon.
Till then,
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keys, James - frontman, vox

Blacksun Festival II

No Exit Productions Presents:

Blacksun Festival II
July 28th-30th, 2006
New Haven, CT

What’s New:

*Das Ich takes over the Friday headlining spot
*DJ Addambombb organizes an art show @ Blacksun Festival
*DJ lineup announced
*Android Lust (Projekt Records), CTRL (Diffusion Records), & Interrogation are announced to play.

Musical Artists (In alphabetical order):
Android Lust (Industrial Rock - Projekt Records)
Bloodwire (Dark Ambient)
The Brides (Gothic - Hell's Hundred Records)
Caustic (Noise - Crunch Pod)
Chemlab (Industrial - Invisible Records)
Claire Voyant (Ethereal - Metropolis Records)
Combichrist (Harsh Electric Industrial - Metropolis Records)
CTRL (Synthpop - Diffusion Records)
Das Ich (Gothic - Metropolis Records)
Filament 38 (Industrial - Negative Gain Productions)
Informatik (Industrial - Metropolis Records)
Interrogation (Industrial Rock)
Jenn Vix (Gothic)
The Last Dance (Gothic Rock - Dancing Ferret Discs)
Null Device (Synthpop - Nilaihah Records)
PTI (Industrial - WTII Records)
51 Peg (Gothic)

Addambombb – Haven; Northampton, MA
Annabel Evil – Blacksun Resident; New Haven, CT
Atterlothe – Crypt; Everett, MA
DV8 – Various; Cleveland, OH
Kangal – Various; Washington, DC
Mighty Mike Saga –; Philadelphia, PA
Morgana - Dark Harmonies Radio; Toronto, Canada
Mothra – Ceremony; Boston, MA
Mouse - Dracula's Daughter; Raleigh, NC
Reverend Brian – Flux Gotham; New Haven, CT
Th'Elf – D.S.o.L; Ontario, Canada
Vladvamp- Apocalypse Rekords; Indonesia

New Haven DJ’s
Death In Jim
Phil Phaid

Additional events:
Meet and Greet, Art Show, Techstyles Oddities Fashion Show, :angeldustrial: Performance, Vendors

Help us promote! Put this banner on your site:

Official Livejournal Community: blacksun_fest
Official Myspace Page:
Official Website:
Interrogation Press Kit Photo 1


We're proud to announce Interrogation has just been added to the lineup of over 15 bands & artists for this year's Blacksun Festival! The festival is a three-day-long event (July 28-30) in downtown New Haven, CT featuring dark bands, DJs, fashion, & performance art from around the country. It was a huge success and great environment in its first year, and the coordinators are expecting attendance to triple this year.

We'll be playing the main stage at Alchemy in the afternoon on Saturday, July 29th 2006. For further details, visit the official Blacksun website at

Hope to see you there!
keys, James - frontman, vox

No Emergenza.

Due to constant venue changes (with no notice), and now a date change (also with no prior notice), Interrogation will NOT be performing at the Emergenza Semi-Finals in May, or at any events affiliated with Emergenza in the future.

Please understand how hard we tried to make this work. We'll make sure every one of you is refunded for your tickets.

Gloom & Doom,