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Interrogation News & Updates



"Have you ever loved something so much that you would destroy your life, your health, your happiness, and your sanity for it? Interrogation is a vehicle. It's not mine, but it moves through me. There have been times when I almost lost myself to...feeding it. I'm fortunate to have Yveline and Twig to dive in and pull me back when I go too far." James shakes out his long hair and cracks a smile. "Of course, relying on Twig to keep you sane is a lot like giving Yoda a ten-strip of acid and asking him if he's related to Kermit."

Interrogation is the brainchild of frontman James Oylen. Long-time musical co-conspiritor Yveline shares in the creative process and handles live guitar. Topping off the live sound is Twig on bass and additional instruments.

"You're just jealous that my psychoses are more fun than yours!" shouts Twig from the other room. "The REAL question is - 'have you ever loved something so much that you would LIVE for it?' The three of us, we're kinda like a pan-dimensional away team. The difference is we're searching inner-space instead of outer-space. Much more dangerous."

The members of Interrogation have worked both separately and in collaboration on a variety of projects. This natural chemistry comes across clearly on stage and in person. While their level of skill is apparent, what catches the attention of new fans is the sheer strength of the songwriting.

"I think what Twig is trying to say," says Yveline who is engrossed in designing original artwork for the band, "is that while each of us has different talents and personalities we all converge in the one place that matters. We each have the same love for this band and know the same definition of what makes life meaningful.

With the release of their debut album Queen Of Thorns, the band is aggressively pursuing shows with a worldwide agenda. The intense work that fueled the first album and the live act continues around the clock behind the scenes.

"We are Interrogation. Our goal is simple. At midnight, August 22, 2011 when the fourth Interrogation album is released, people in line at the music shop will be bragging, 'I've been listening to these guys for years.'"